to create academic time table is a time-consuming task. the process of making a time table is as follow.

  1. to take/collect subject choice from the teaching faculties.
  2. to finalize and assign subjects to faculties.
  3. to finalize which classrooms and labs to assign to which students and at which time ( master plan 🙂 ).
  4. to start creating faculty and class timetable on big sheets using eraser and pencil.
  5. to computerize the prepared sheet.

the created tool can help in step number 6.

this tool can help to generate

  • Class Time Tables
  • Faculty Time Tables
  • Class Room Time Tables
  • Faculty Master Time Table

it saves time by generating different timetables from one sheet where the user has entered time table details.

so it can help by saving time and errors for time table creation.

let us try to understand how to use it.

download the sheet from here.

open and enable the macro first.

follow the steps given in sheet named dashboard.


Hiren R. Patel

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