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to create academic time table is a time-consuming task. the process of making a time table is as follow.

  1. to take/collect subject choice from the teaching faculties.
  2. to finalize and assign subjects to faculties.
  3. to finalize which classrooms and labs to assign to which students and at which time ( master plan 🙂 ).
  4. to start creating faculty and class timetable on big sheets using eraser and pencil.
  5. to computerize the prepared sheet.

the created tool can help in step number 6.

this tool can help to generate

  • Class Time Tables
  • Faculty Time Tables
  • Class Room Time Tables
  • Faculty Master Time Table (Feature will be added in next version)

it saves time by generating different timetables from one sheet where the user has entered time table details.

so it can help by saving time and errors for time table creation.

let us try to understand how to use it.

download the excel file by clicking below link

time table generation tool (1393 downloads)

open and enable the macro first.

to enable all macro click on Developer Tab than Macro Security and choose to Enable all macros options from available options list as shown in the below image.

macro security setting
macro security setting

follows the steps given in the sheet named dashboard.


STEP 1 : Configuration (this details will be reflected in class and faculty time table)

STEP 2 : Configure Faculty

here on clicking the OPEN FACULTY CONF. will open sheet where you may enter faculty details as shown in the below image.

faculty details configuration
faculty details configuration

here Print column is for setting printing options. to exclude any faculty timetable from printing you may just add 0 for the faculty.

after all configuration you may use CREATE FACULTY TIME TABLE button here to generate faculties time table.

STEP 3 : Configure Class

class name details can be entered here as shown in the below image

Class name configuration
Class name configuration

rest of the options are the same as faculty sheet.


classrooms and laboratories numbers can be added in this sheet as shown in below image.

Classroom Number Configuration
Classroom Number Configuration


in this sheet time table details can be entered as shown in the image below

Timetable Details
Timetable Details

Note that here class , teacher and class room must match with the already entered details other wise you may find issue during time table generation.

it uses below sheets for creating respective time tables.

CTT – to create class timetable
FTT – to create faculty time table
RTT – to create room time table.

after completion of TT sheet entry, one can start creating faculty, class, and classroom time tables from the dashboard sheet.

my below video tutorial will also help you in using this app

video tutorial – how to use time table tool [excel]


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