31 Jan 2015

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Etano Community Builder Installation Guide

Etano is a Community Builder PHP Open Source Script/Project. It can be used for dating site, social networking site , matrimonial site or any type of site involving groups of people.

To install etano perform following steps.

1.download etano from here

2.extract the files under www/etano directory ( I uses wamp server so its www :) )

3.create database etano from phpmyadmin

4.open browser and enter etano url for me its http://localhost/etano
And press next> button

5.provide database setting details

6.now  click next to create database and populate the database

7.click finish

8.huh its done. Now open site using http://localhost/etano

9.admin panel  can be access using http://localhost/admin
default details to access admin panel is
username : admin
password : demo

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