22 Sep 2013

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PHPMOTION JW Player SD/HD Integration.

jw player is really a great video player.it contains great features like it allows users to choose from SD/HD video. so user may play video as per his/her internet speed. in this post i am going to show how its possible to integrate jw player with its SD/HD options with phpmotion video script.

phpmotion jw player sd/hd feature integration

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10 Sep 2013

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phpmotion comes with fckeditor as the comment box.in this tutorial am going to show how it is possible to remove that fckeditor and inert textarea. I am also going to show how to filter html tags from the comment.

phpmotion commentbox modification

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4 Sep 2013

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1 Sep 2013

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PHPMOTION JW Player Integration

phpmotion is a popular video script.by default phpmotion uses flash player to show/play videos at home page as well as video play page.The JW Player is the Internet's most advanced and flexible media player. in this tutorial I am going to show how it is really easy to do phpmotion jw player integration.

phpmotion jw player integration tutorial by renruhak.org

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25 Apr 2013

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About Yii Framework

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications.It supports great features like MVC design pattern , (DAO) Database Access Object , Query builder , Active Record , DB Migration , Web Services , Unit and Functional Testing etc. 

yii framework
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