29 Dec 2012

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How To Use Gmail Tasks Feature ?

Gmail Tasks feature is really great feature available. You may add tasks title, tasks details and also due date .if you have different tasks to perform and you are moving around across different locations than Gmail Tasks feature is really great.

below screen shots shows how to access Gmail tasks feature.

01.click on left hand gmail button it will bring Tasks Link as shown below.

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28 Dec 2012

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Mouse Trick to stop auto lock/screen saver

Is it possible to stop screen saver from start that is already scheduled without changing its setting ?
yes its possible to stop without making any change to the setting that you did.

Normally mouse tracks the second hand of the analog watch / clock. so you may place mouse on the analog watch /clock before leaving the desk.so your computer keep tracking the mouse move and it will not find ideal condition to start the screen saver.

below are some screen shots to explain this.

I already have set screen saver/lock to occur in 1 min. now below screen shots shows how to place mouse on analog clock to track the second hand of watch.

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23 Dec 2012

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google santa tracker on google play

santa tarcker is also available for android at google play. santa's developer elves have created this app to follow santa on his december 24th journey as he delivers gifts to children all over the world.

you may see this here.

from source : google  play.
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Beware: Android virus uses your phone to spread spam

report from USA Today says that beware of android virus it may uses your phone to spread spam.

if user don't have any unlimited messaging plan than his next bill may get high due to this virus. this virus can blast thousands of viral text messages a day.

report says that infected smartphone may send messages to live phone numbers each day and virus infection may continue to spread this way.

from source USA Today

good day,

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22 Dec 2012

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Facebook Poke , How To ?

What is Facebook Poke ?
Facebook poke is new feature of Facebook  it can be used to send alert to friends. at present you may send poke to your friend and it means you said "hello"  to your friend. and that friend also may poke back to you.
when you poke your friend it appears at notification area at top left site of Facebook.

Let us see how you may poke and how your friend may see it. 

1) find your friend to whom you want to poke and goto  his/her profile than click on setting -> poke as shown in below figure. and its done.

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facebook nearby feature to help discover your business

facebook announced nearby feature. its available for IOS and Android . Using this feature facebook users able to know which of their friends visited the nearby places and can also review the place info by seeing it’s like and comments by their friends.

Nearby helps people discover places near them based on their friends recommendations. Peoples may connect to business directory from their phone and also may explore by category like restaurants or hotels.

so if the business owner has facebook page this feature will help them to make good online and physical identity.

for that business owner should 
1.upate their basic infomation including address,working hours, contact number and also business detail in about section. 
2.update business category to make sure when people search for specific business it will be available.
3.may encourage consumers to like,check into , rate and recommend your place.

from source facebook nearby

good day,
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21 Dec 2012

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google tests for enahnced search in gmail,google drive

google is working on adding features for enhanced search so features will be available  as below.

Improvements to search in Gmail ,
Results from Gmail and Google Drive when you search on Google.com ,
Additional related features and improvements ,
Desktop, mobile, and tablet availability.

some other important features will be available are as below.

Enhanced flight tracking features
Receipts from your email
Emails relevant to your search
Files from Google Drive
Events you've booked
Hotel reservations from Gmail
Restaurant reservations in Search

from google experiment

good day,
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19 Dec 2012

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How to create html Page

here we are going to see how to create html page.

the steps are as below.

01.open notepad and type below html code

  Hello World  
  Hello World.  
02,now save this file as "index.html".
03.now open this file with any browser. you will see how the page looks like.

good day,
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