25 Jul 2016

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During Master of engineering students need to do some research work, its presentation, examinations etc. . To choose right dissertation topic is really confusion for students. In this blog I would like to discuss the possible ways and paths using which students may choose right topic for their dissertation work.
Depends on the rules of university students need to choose area of work like for computer engineering area of work can be software engineering, image processing, cloud computing, data mining, artificial intelligence etc. 

following points indicate steps to choose right dissertation topic: 

1) Should first list all the areas in which university allows to work. 

2) Next find out your interest of area (everybody have their interest of area).

3) if it’s not possible to decide the area straight than try on google and good  journals to study current research problems of all the areas.  You can also sub divide area into sub areas (for example in cloud computing subareas can be load balancing, elasticity, cloud security etc.) and as per the sub area you may try on google and good  journals to find out current problem in areas and sub areas . 

4) list down the area and sub area and give them priority .  so this exercise make your work easier .

5) after deciding the area and subarea try to find and refer latest research papers from good journals. While you start referring papers do underline important lines and also underline conclusion part of the paper on which you may work. You should also write down your ideas of research work on separate page. 

6) After having all the details you may discuss your idea of work with your Faculty ( Guide ).

7) Before finalising the topic you should also have a look at the available simulators in details.

9) You may also meet your seniors or refer their work/thesis. Possibly you may start working of their future work. 

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31 Jan 2015

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Etano Community Builder Installation Guide

Etano is a Community Builder PHP Open Source Script/Project. It can be used for dating site, social networking site , matrimonial site or any type of site involving groups of people.

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25 Aug 2014

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dot bharat domain names (for Indians)

For opening any website It was required to give URL in English but Indian government is going to provide URL in Indian languages so from now. bharat websites will get opened in Indian languages directly. For this it is required to get register with .bharat extension. This service will be available from 27 August and peoples can register for their .bharat domain names. For now domain will be available for Indian languages like hindi , boro  , dongri , kokni , Maithili , Marathi , nepali and sindhi  but in near future it will also be available for Bengali , telugu , gujarati , urdu , tamil and Panjabi. Due to this facility peoples can open website by typing url in their own languages and for peoples who cannot type will be able to input using voice inputs easily.

Source sandesh.com

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1 Jan 2014

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PHPMOTION Add Latest Member's Thumb

PHPMOTION is great free video script but phpmotion script still missing some important features I am going to add this kind of missing features in my phpmotion series of tutorials.default installation of phpmotion only shows latest members name only.I am sure it will be great to show latest members avatar or thumb at home page.in todays tutorial I am going to show how its really easy to add latest members thumb at homepage.

phpmotion add latest member thumb
PHPMOTION Add Latest Member Thumb

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22 Sep 2013

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PHPMOTION JW Player SD/HD Integration.

jw player is really a great video player.it contains great features like it allows users to choose from SD/HD video. so user may play video as per his/her internet speed. in this post i am going to show how its possible to integrate jw player with its SD/HD options with phpmotion video script.

phpmotion jw player sd/hd feature integration

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